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Palets de Lujo

Pieces of furniture with palets, wood , iron and material recycled for decoration, events and interiorismo

We make decorations in wood and iron, with sustainable materials, so much if you want to decorate your home, as if these for mounting your new tent or want to redecorarla, or change the style. 
We help you to create the image, the design, wooden soils , wooden walls and iron, Rotulos wooden and iron, furniture manufactured especially for you, echo - structures, with a big professionalism and implication.
We organise all type of events  Weddings, private parties, cocktail , stands,  fairs, conventions, festivals, markets, congresses, branding, alfresco, romantic, incentives of company, thematic, chill outs...
  Hire and sale of material for all type of events and acts.

You can make us a surgery by mail or telefónicamente, if you want to come to visit us is with previous date, writing to the mail or to the telephone movil. If you want an estimate fills up the form of contact and will answer you the but fast possible.

Festivals / Markets

We rent and we make decorations for festivals, Markets, fairs of designers, etc.. 
Have all the necessary to cover all the needs of a markets, so many carps, like furniture, illumination, food trucks, personalised wooden posters, wooden giant letters lit, etc..

Fairs & Stands

We make all tipode decoration, structure, furniture for fairs, stands, festivals, Markets, etc. 

Events of Company

Hire of furniture and all type of material for Events of company, have sound, illumination, moquetas, manufactures peronalizadas for companies, etc. 

Weddings and Celebrations

From Palets of Luxury decorate the Wedding that always dreamed, a wedding vintage, Romantic, in the field, in a farm, in the beach... We have material of the but original so that your wedding was only, manufacture to taste of the client, your altar is place but magic of your wedding, the arrangements of table, wooden posters, tables, chairs, spaces chill out, until the illumination... You do not doubt in contacting us:

Ads, cinema and tv

We decorate and we prepare sets for ads, cinema and television, have original materials, antiguedades, only pieces, so that your set of tv or your ad was the but original. We are you a bit of what already have made.
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Catalogue for hire of Furniture 2020 already available!

It downloads our Catalogue for hire of Furniture of palets for Events of Company, Festivals, Markets, Fairs, Weddings and celebrations, etc.. 

Pieces of furniture with Palets

It furnishes and it decorates your home or space of work with our pieces of furniture and complementos done with palets and other materials recycled.


Leave us your direction of email and receives all the novelties of Palets of Luxury in your post!
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